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A Horse Book I Could Actually Understand…..

Robbie Jones’s book, Your First Horse, Fun Beginner Horsemanship, shows how easy these awe inspiring animals can easily be understood. His down to earth manner of explaining how to handle your horse from the saddle touches the heart and reflects his everyday relationship with horses.

I have read many horse books on the internet but few had such gifted insights. I also like that it was not an ebook. My copy was mailed to me and after I read the book, I was able to pass on to my cousin. I feel like this book could have been written for someone who does not necessarily love horses, but have a healthy respect for them. After this reading this book you will be ready and happy when you get your first horse.


Robbie Jones has spent most of his adult life riding, caring, and selling horses. As a reflection of this deep love and commitment for horses, he spent the last 20 years managing a large horse stable in Houston, Texas. He is the author of YOUR FIRST HORSE, Trail Riding on Horseback, and Successful Winter Horse Care. Additionally he is the editor of Horse and Introduction to There are two new horse related books set for release in 2017 and 2018. He currently lives in the historic town of Crockett. Texas.