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Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, The Secret Behind Selling More Horses

Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, The Secret Behind Selling Horses
This new horse marketing book, Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files is for those horse sales people who tend to think more like an informed horse entrepreneur. This guide is also for savoy over worked sales staff who want to take control of their future sales and quickly produce a larger profit margin. Robbie Jones’s, Powerful Horse Description Swipe Files, is the most up to date, personable guide to modern horse marketing I know. Packed with tips and well tested methods, its an essential guide for independent horse sellers who want to keep up with the ever changing world of horse marketing. There are so many simple marketing tips in this book for those who want to begin kicking up their horse sales, but the focus of the book is more about installing values and marketing principles that will help your long term career as a horse sales person.

Honesty is stressed throughout the work when selling horses. It is also about going beyond just this simple book, because the methods in this guide can take you to the next level. There are no books and no rules in this ever changing horse selling game and learning this kind of authentic horse marketing technique, using concise and honest descriptions, and with over 650 horse descriptions to choose from, you will certainly change the way you are writing your current, ineffective horse descriptions.

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Robbie Jones has spent most of his adult life riding, caring, and selling horses. As a reflection of this deep love and commitment for horses, he spent the last 20 years managing a large horse stable in Houston, Texas. He is the author of YOUR FIRST HORSE, Trail Riding on Horseback, and Successful Winter Horse Care. Additionally he is the editor of Horse and Introduction to There are two new horse related books set for release in 2017 and 2018. He currently lives in the historic town of Crockett. Texas.